Today’s Volunteer Work

Today is the Heart of Carolina Food Drive for the Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC. It is our big holiday push to get enough food to feed people through the holidays and especially children who will be out of school on break. As the federal government is cutting wya back on food benefits for people the Food Bank is depended on more and more. The Food Bank is a non-profit, not a government agency, yet we are the one that is turned to in times of emergency to feed people because there is no government way to actually do that. Please consider helping the Food Bank today as gifts are being doubled.

In my other volunteer life today I had a meeting with the builders and the architects of our church fellowship hall. The foundation is laid and we are hoping for three days without rain that are above 40° in the next week so we can pour the slab for the building. It is exciting times, but it is still cement so it is not much to look at.

If you want to see the fun part today I got the samples for the floors, millwork, counters, paint, doors and tiles. I think it is classic and should serve us well and be a happy place to gather.

We also saw the mock up of the brick and mortar that will be the outside of the building. It is very Westminster and will fit in perfectly with our campus.

I figure I have nine more months on this job and then I am not sure what I will be volunteering for next. As for now I am enjoying the people I am working with and the satisfaction of creating something new and beautiful.

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