Two Party Day

Such a fun day of Christmas reverie. I started the day with a fun lunch at my friend Amy’s. I so appreciate being invited with friends I don’t see often enough. Amy being a superior cook always makes a yummy lunch and her dog Annie, who is Shay’s cousin, gets a lot of treats. I came early and left late and had a great time.

Tonight I went to Russ’ company Christmas party. Russ did not tell me it was going to be an activity party and I thought I was just going to eat a few hors d’oeuvre and come home. When I got to his office all the young ‘ins were standing around the company bar eating, but quickly we were ushered into the conference room where the room was filled with drums.

A group called Drum Team Collective was teaching us how to play drums. When we came into the room everyone just sat at random spots. Russ was not in a drum or symbol section. I think he might have thought he was getting out of it. Turns out he was in the tambourine, maracas, cow bell, shaker section. I was in symbols and was my normal trouble maker persona.

The instruction began with the base drums, then the snare drums, then the symbols and the tall drum (I can’t remember what it was called). Each section was given specific instruction on what beat to go on. Then the teacher got to Russ’ percussion section. “You all can do any beat you want, but you need to get up and dance.”

Russ had to get up and dance while shaking his Maracas! He did it. Not only did he do it through the first section, but we got up and switched instruments four times and he went back to percussion and danced again! I guess the secret to get Russ to dance is to give him maracas so he has something to do with his hands.

It was a very fun activity, although I wish I had worn the earplugs we were offered. The leader didn’t mind that I was a trouble maker and said that I would be fun to take on the road. He followed that comment up with you spend 90% of your time on the road driving some place and only ten percent playing music so you want people who are fun and the road and they don’t have to be the best musicians.

After the drumming activity we went back to the bar and had a big company indoor snowball fight. You can see how many snowballs were coming at me all at once!

It was an outstanding party! The young ‘ins are always fun and I am glad I was surprised with the activity. Now I am exhausted from so many parties! More tomorrow.

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