Soup Kind Of Day

It’s a cold and rainy day here which was perfect weather for my friend Lynn and my Chinese Auction. We have had this party for years with other mothers from our daughters’ school. Then a few years ago we didn’t have it when I was going to Berlin at Christmas to visit Carter. That hiatus lasted more years than it should have.

Since I was not having any other Christmas parties and my house is decorated for a party Lynn and I decided to resurrect the Chinese Auction in a small way. It is so hard to make guest lists that includes everyone you want. This party has always been for mother’s of kids who went to school with our daughters as the first criteria, second criteria was we had to have been invited to your house before. That really helps us in deciding who to invite. Because I write this blog sometimes someone will make a side comment about not being invited. My response is always the same, “The best way to get invited is to invite.” If I don’t even know where you live you are not going to be at the top of the list. Having a couple of people over for lunch is not that hard.

This party was the perfect example. There was no caterer and the menu could not have been simpler or more economical. And it turned out to be the perfect one for the weather. We served a tomato soup bar and salad. Homemade tomato soup with the following toppings to chose from: grilled cheese croutons (just grilled cheese sandwiches cut into eighths), fresh jalapeño slices, pesto, cheese, sour cream, crunchy fried onions, cilantro, gold fish crackers, and bacon. Arugula salad with green apples, pomegranates, blue cheese and candied nuts filled out the rest of the lunch. Lynn made a Coke cola cake and that was it.

It was the company that made it. As usual, sitting around the dining room table is my favorite place to be with friends. No one cares that it was not a fancy lunch.

I know that all my friends who have me over were not included, so I will have to have another event to invite them too. This is not my only party, just the one I have with Lynn. I am so glad she suggested we return to the Chinese Auction and celebrated Christmas the gift stealing way. Merry Christmas to all my friends. I hope to share some soup with you soon.

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