Christmas Can Start

When Carter got her exam schedule she found out she had the last exam on the last day. So she bought a plane ticket to come home the morning after that exam because she didn’t want the stress of taking an exam and making it to Logan right afterward.

Then, a few weeks after buying the ticket her professor changed the final from an exam to something else. Carter did not want to pay a change fee on her ticket so she just stayed in Boston and had fun for an extra week. That was a good plan because being home with her parents is much too boring.

I talked to Carter yesterday while she was packing. She told me she was going to get up at five and uber over to Logan for her eight AM flight. I told her that was fairly early. She insisted since one time the traffic to Logan was so bad she almost missed her flight.

I awoke this morning at 5:55. I looked to see if there was a text from Carter saying she was at the airport. Nothing. I searched for her phone and found it to be in her apartment. So I called her. No answer. I called again. No answer. Four more times. I woke Russ up and asked if he could get her Alexa to wake her. Nothing. It now was 6:15. I face timed her, she answered and said a bunch of bad words because she realized she had slept through three alarms. This is something she has never done.

Thankfully early morning Saturday traffic was not bad and she made it to Logan and was home with us at 10:30 this morning. Now Christmas can start, it it is still ten days away and Carter is already bored here. I have a feeling the expression “slow as Christmas” is going to apply here. I am just thankful she woke up and made her flight. If she didn’t like the change charge for a ticket in advance she really was not going to like the charge for buying a whole new ticket on the day of.

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