Mail Surprise

Well, I apparently wrote my thank you notes a day early, that is if I wanted to do them all in one batch this week. Just after mailing my notes today I went to my mail box to get the mail. This is the only time of the year that it is really fun to go to the mailbox. I love getting all the photo cards from my friends who generously still send me a card. I appreciate when people put their children’s ages as I have such a hard time keeping up with how old kids are. Once they go to college it is not needed, but between four and seventeen it’s nice to know.

As a I was sorting the mail in piles of catalogs I will not look at, credit card offers I will not open, postcards for deals from stores I will not visit I finally get to the Christmas cards. I opened the ones first from return addresses I know and studied the beautiful photos.

Then I came upon an envelope with a little white church on the front with my name and address carefully written in a cursive that millennials could not decipher. The little Christmas return address sticker announced the name of a woman I did not know, but a local address.

I opened the envelope and inside found a card with the same little white church on it and before I could open it a check and a little paper Christmas ornament fell out. You know there is nothing more exciting than getting a real hand written check in the mail. At first I wondered if it was a direct mail piece that was going to say if I cashed this check I was agreeing to some scam. I looked more closely to the check and saw that it was written to my church for a substantial amount.

I read the card from a woman who had been a charter member of my church, but who I do not know because she belongs somewhere else. She told me that she gets our newsletter and enjoys reading it. She congratulated me on my work on the fellowship hall building committee as well as my award at the Food Bank. She was moved by something I wrote in the newsletter about money we needed for the fellowship hall and that is why she was enclosing the check.

It was a lovely long letter from this generous woman who lives at a local retirement community. What a wonderful surprise to get this in the mail today. She could have mailed it to the church, but it was so nice of her to write me such a kind note and give me the joy of taking it over to church.

I so appreciate her gift as well as knowing that my words moved her to such a degree. I will be writing another thank you note tonight and hope to have a chance to go meet this dear angel someday soon.

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