A Note of Thanks

I had some thank you notes to write this week. Christmas gifts from friends deserve a special note of thanks, not just for the present, but more for their friendship throughout the year. Hand written thank you notes are about the only thing I mail these days that is not a package.

It seems that I mail lots of packages. Some things are to Carter or I am returning things I have ordered or I have been sent in error. Every time I go to the post office to mail a package they ask me if I would like to buy stamps while I am there. I chuckle a little as I decline. Why would I need stamps? I have not mailed a bill payment in ten years as I pay all my bills through mobile banking. I rarely send real birthday cards, as I am not really good at birthdays outside of Facebook. I don’t send Christmas cards since I write a daily blog and everyone is sick of me. I don’t even mail invitations to parties as I let Paperless post do all the work. The only thing I still mail are thank you notes.

Today after writing four notes I went to put stamps on the envelopes. I have two little holders of the stamps that come on a roll. One is a beautiful enamel box and the other and old brass one. I have no idea where they both came from or why I have two, but I have had them for at least 20 and 30 years respectively.

I went to get a stamp from the brass one and as I pulled the stamp from the little slot I noticed it was not a “forever stamp.” You know what those are – Stamps that work on mailing a letter regardless of the current postage rate. The stamps in my brass holder are .34¢ stamps. I have no idea how long ago letters went for .34¢ especially since I am not quite sure what the going rate is right now. I could look it up, but if you only use forever stamps it doesn’t matter.

I turned from my sitting desk to my walking desk where I found the enamel stamp dispenser and there were forever stamps in it. Thank goodness. I always liked the enamel box better.

At the rate I write thank you notes I will probably have enough forever stamps to last me until the the going rate of first class postage is .68¢. Then I can use two of my .34¢ stamps together and I won’t be wasting any pennies. That is assuming I will still have friends who break my gift giving rule.

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