The Crown, The Crown, The Crown is Back

After waiting months and months The Crown with the new and aged cast is back. I love that Netflix releases all the episodes at once I really don’t want to binge this season as it will make the wait for the next that much longer. Despite this desire to stretch the whole thing out I have already watched the first two episodes and have already forgotten the old cast whom I loved so much.

Olivia Coleman is a fabulous as the Queen. The step from young Clair Foy to middle aged Olivia is easy. Perhaps because dowdy to dowdy is not a stretch.

Princess a Margaret is a different story. They cast Helena Bonham Carter at age 54 to play 34 year old a princess Margaret. It is a much bigger jump from the tall thin young Vanessa Kirby who played the younger Margaret in the first two seasons to the short and stout Carter. Don’t get me wrong, Helena is a great actress and probably will be as colorful as the real Princess Margaret, but is is a giant jump from the first princess. Leave it to the Brits to cast a much older woman for a younger role. That move is good for women actresses everywhere.

I do wonder if Bonham Carter already knew how to blow smoke rings or had to learn to do that for this role. It is a skill for which she should be applauded.

One other trick the producers of the Crown did to make Bonham Carter appear to be the right one for the role is they cast a man who is older than Anthony Armstrong Jones to play her husband. He is also no where as attractive as the real Armstrong Jones, which I guess is only natural since it would be hard to find any actor who could match him.

Nonetheless, I am certain I will love every minute of this wonderful series! Long live the Crown!

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