Clean Out Your Fridge Day

Thanksgiving is ten days away. When was the last time you cleaned out your refrigerator? Even if it was just last month probably should go on and do it again in the next two days. While you are at it you should clean out your garage refrigerator too.

You really can’t cook much this far in advance so the best use of your time is making room for all the groceries you are going to need, not just for the main show Turkey meal, but for the other breakfasts, lunches and dinner that people are going to want to eat.

Don’t forget you will need room for leftovers. A turkey carcass takes up also the as much room as a whole turkey. And you should save your carcass and make stock out of it because there is nothing better than turkey stock.

Speaking of leftovers, how is your stock of rubbermaid containers? If they are already in use in your freezer you need to go on and eat up whatever you have frozen this week so you get your containers back and have room in your freezer for extra ice. Yes, with all those people around and I mean sitting around your house expecting drinks and snacks while they watch football, you are going to need more ice than your little ice maker can put out. There is nothing worse than running out of ice halfway through turkey dinner, just because you were more concerned with stuffing.

So skip whatever you had planned today or tomorrow and get to work cleaning out your fridge. And clean it too, don’t just throw stuff away. The last thing you want is some unwanted relative commenting about the sticky substance on your refrigerator shelf. Even if you try and blame it on them, you will be embarrassed.

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