Hearings Questions

I have spent the last two days watching the impeachment hearings. Now I also did a lot of quilting, cleaning and cooking while the TV was on, just so my days would not be a total bust.

I have been impressed with the career government officials who seem to be so much smarter than others in the room. It gave me some confidence that not everyone who is reasonable has left Washington or been fired. It did scare me to think about the amount of brain power and experience we are losing as these people leave.

As the hearings have been playing out I continue to have one really big question that has not been answered. How is it that Rudy Giuliani was able to have so many career government officials not say, “You hold no public office and we will not work with you?”

I don’t care if he is the President’s private attorney. He was not confirmed by congress as a representative of the United States. He should not he allowed to peddle Presidential Influence around the world.

No one has disputed the irregular channel that Rudy is part of, but why was that not the big outrage? We can’t have henchmen acting on behalf of the president.

Just the President telling people to “talk to Rudy” about foreign relations seems like it is a violation of some rule. Let’s get to the questions about what the hell Rudy has been doing!

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