Sisters Sales Team

My very prolific painter mother is over whelmed with hundreds of fabulous works of art. In an attempt to make room to paint more she decided to have an art show for three days at the farm. Three buildings on the farm are being used to display it all. That being the case she needed help manning each building. So each daughter was summoned to come work this show. Two thirds brought a significant other in addition.

Since the farm is in such a rural area there are not a lot of art buyers milling about. I did my best to entice people to make the hours drive to the farm and my friend Kathi, who has been a consistent collector, came and purchased. I am eternally grateful for her support.

It was a slow day. Thankfully my cousins and Aunt came up to visit which made it looked like there were more people. One issue is there are so many fabulous works of art, displayed in a house that is chocked full of art that it is hard to even really see it all.

I did some social media and got got some interest from far off friends who looked at the website, Unfortunately the paintings were either sold or too big, but keep looking! An order did come over on my Mom’s Etsy sight from my sorority sister Lori Goldman. She didn’t even message me, just ordered herself. Thanks Lori!

The show is open tomorrow afternoon. The address of the farm is 839 Hom-a-gen lane Providence,NC. Since it is a private road you might have trouble finding it, but it is the first driveway on the right on SHady Grove Road, off Route 86. Message me if you want better instructions.

I won’t be there tomorrow but at least one if not two of my sisters and their significant others will be selling with my Mom. No pressure. Just look if you want.

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