New Logo for The Food Bank

For all the years I have worked with the Food Bank we had an ugly logo with our service area in green on the taupe state of North Carolina and a UPS brown background. Our long legal name of Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina was spelled out every time.

The logo had a reason as the green part represents the 34 counties of North Carolina we service. The taupe section in the middle is serviced by the Food Bank In Fayetteville. Even with that reason the colors are dated as is the font. This has been a peeve of mine for a long time. Despite the fact that everyone calls us “The Food Bank” and if you google Food Bank in North Carolina we are what come up, there were legal entities that insisted we use our whole long name all the time.

Well alleluia, common sense has prevailed and the Food Bank has changed it’s logo and can call it’s self The Food Bank as long as the legal name is mentioned first.

So the talented designer at the Food Bank, Megan Weeks, came up with this new logo in a modern font. The center square with a circle in it looks like a plate on a table. The blue and green colors make me so happy.

The new logo was officially unveiled last night at the Evening of Appreciation, which I really appreciated. As Russ, Carter and I were leaving, the photo booth people were closing up shop. We begged them to let us get a picture and they nicely agreed. So now you can see the new logo here. It will be displayed alongside the old one for a little while so people can get used to it, so don’t throw out that new looking envelope from the Food Bank. We are the same great place turning every dollar you donate into ten meals for your hungry neighbors. Still the best investment in helping a North Carolina you can get.

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