Garden Club Play House

I am corresponding secretary for Garden Club this year. It seems like a big demotion from previous jobs, but we all have to do our part. The majority of my job involves getting people to RSVP for meetings. The job is more like my first elected position I ever held which was Sargent at arms in fourth grade. For the life of me I don’t know why we needed a Sargent at arms, but it seemed like a good job for a bossy person.

Corresponding secretary communicates through email mostly, which has its pitfalls, mainly the junk algorithms. When I don’t hear from people I have resorted to texting and that seems to get a response. Before today’s meeting I was about at the end of my corresponding rope for various reasons.

Then we had our meeting. It was held at Stacey Burkert’s floral workshop behind her house. It is like one big flower play land. She taught us how to make wrist corsages. I am not in need of many corsages these days, but making them was a very fun event.

Sitting with my best friends, playing with flowers we all created beautiful works of art. Each one was unique as the maker.

All the pain of corresponding secretary disappeared during the fun of the meeting. I guess I will gladly endure my job so I can enjoy my friends. Thanks to Stacey for providing such a fun program and to our hostesses, Kathi, Karen and Pokey. It was the best way to spend a cold and rainy Tuesday.

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