Returned What I Did Not Know Was Lost

I have a confession to make. I needlepoint while I am at church. Since I am not Catholic I can’t just say a Hail Mary to be absolved of this transgression. Since I am not Catholic Needlepointing at church is not a sin. Needlepointing during the service actually helps me concentrate on the words I am listening too as evidence I am still the first person to laugh when the preacher is funny.

Russ and I sit in the same place every Sunday day, the second row on the lector side at the window end. Sometimes other people join us in our row and they usually comment that they are in our seats. They are not really in our seats as we don’t own them and they always make room for us just the same.

It’s a good thing to be known for sitting in the same place. Apparently this past Sunday I left my needlepoint scissors in our pew. Someone found them today and gave them to our receptionist. She texted me with a photo of them asking if they were mine.

What a blessing since they are my best scissors. I had not noticed they were gone since I keep a couple pairs in my needlepoint bag. By the time I had noticed they were missing I would be hard pressed to remember where they might be.

I guess it’s good that people know I needlepoint at church in case I leave anything else stitching related in the sanctuary. No one else has caught on that it is OK to do that while at church. I have heard that some people knit at other churches, but knitting can make noise and needlepoint doesn’t. Children who sit near me behave while they watch mesmerized while I stitch. Perhaps I should teach some of them how to do it so they can “listen better.”

For now, I owe thanks to whomever found and returned my scissors I did not know were missing and to Barb for leaving them for me in a little envelope at her desk.

One Comment on “Returned What I Did Not Know Was Lost”

  1. Kim Scott says:

    I knit or crochet in church every Sunday. I find I listen better while I do this too. My knitting needles are wood so they quiet. It’s a nice conversation starter, people always like to see what I’m working on.

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