Yesterday I got a notice that UPS was delivering a package. Since I didn’t recognize the sender I asked Russ if he had ordered something. No, not something from or for him. I forgot about it until later this afternoon my Ring Doorbell sounded off and I looked at the video and saw a huge box on my front porch.

I thought it was too big to be anthrax and had no signs of being a pipe bomb so I bought it inside and opened it up. Inside was a giant fancy wreath. I looked for a card and could not find one. I opened the plastic envelope attached to the outside of the box and there was a return label and instructions to return it, but no invoice or gift card. So this is a total mystery.

Like the cops, I am going to withhold a bit of information about this gift. If you sent it to me please let me know and to prove you sent it tell me the name of the company you sent it from. I don’t want someone to take credit for this very nice gift who didn’t actually buy it.

I look forward to thanking this mystery person for this big surprise!

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