Shay Puts Herself To Bed

Shay used to be a full on extrovert. If there were people visiting our house she was with them. She would snuggle up to total strangers and say, “Hey, you can let me if you want.” She made sure they always wanted to. One deep soulful look from those big brown eyes and she could melt even the most strident dog hater. As long as someone was awake in our house Shay would be to, waiting patiently to be adored.

Things have changed. Shay is getting more introverted. If there are a large number of people I out house she will visit with them for a little while, but their presence will wear her out. She is happy if you will sit quietly with her, but eventually she will leave the whole group and put herself to bed.

This was the case tonight. Some of Russ’ teammates came for dinner. Shay greeted each one at the front door, opening the glass door to let them in. She snuggled on the sofa with the girl friend of one of the youngins’ and made the rounds around the table to see if anyone didn’t want to eat all their chicken or salmon. But when dessert came around she was plum tuckered out and she voluntarily went upstairs to bed.

There were still people in our house for a good hour, but she was done. Even Russ was still up talking and washing dishes. The day that anyone beats Russ to bed after a party is a big day for he is usually the first one to crash. I can see that his ways are wearing off on to Shay.

I guess I would rather have a dog who is tired and goes to sleep after a party than one who is so keyed up from company and can’t fall asleep, like me.

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