Pre-Theatre Food

Tonight we went to the DPAC to see A Bronx Tale with out friends Lee and Christy. They had made dinner reservations at Nana’s, which was a lovely choice. Since I was not driving or paying I did not even bother to bring a purse with me. Big mistake.

As I was looking over the menu I was trying to figure out what was a good pre-theatre choice.

I skipped the steak or the lamb shank as those were certain to get caught in my teeth, or might cause gas. I thought I was safe in ordering chicken. I was wrong. No gas, but definitely something got stuck between my back two molars.

There is nothing worse than having a sliver of meat caught in the farthest region of your mouth. Well worse than that is having something caught and not having any floss or tooth pick to fix it. Or triple worse is you have it caught while you are at the theatre and have no way to get it out.

I wish that restaurants had symbols on their menu that showed items that don’t get stuck in your teeth. Of course they would be on things like puréed soups, or mashed potatoes, but I need to know a good protein that is safe. Maybe cheese soufflé.

If only I had brought my purse all would have been fine since I always carry floss. If only I had been wearing a big brooch that had a long pin on it. At least then I could go in the ladies room and hide while I stuck the pin in my mouth to dislodge the offending chicken that was driving me crazy. You know how hard it is to pay attention to a show while your tongue is trying to remove the unwanted chicken?

I am considering slipping a needle into the hem of my pants so that I will always have a tool with me in case I need it. You just never know when a seed, kernel, string or sliver is going to find it’s way into a place that it shouldn’t. Oh what I would have given for a needle tonight.

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