Novice Yes, But No Push Over

After a great day at bridge last Friday my partner asked me if I wanted to try a different game today that I had never played in before. Flush from our big 62% win (62 % is like an A in duplicate) I agreed to try this new game.

We arrived at the bridge center to discover that we were in a three table round with very good players so we had to play something called a Howell movement where you play every other pair in the room. After three round we moved to the fourth round and an opponent questioned us if we were sitting in the right seats. We were sitting in the seats were instructed to go to, but my very accommodating partner said it was fine and we would switch seats.

The rude opponent, whom had never seen me before decided I was fair game to bully. She might have known I was a novice player, but she did not know that I was no shrinking violet and not bulliable. She turned on me and said something rude. At first I apologized to her and then she continued and that is when I gave it right back to her. You can get away with one comment, but the hammer comes down on the second.

Some game players use this type of tactic to gain the upper hand psychologically. This intimidation doesn’t work on me. My partner and I had an excellent round against this bully and went on to win the whole game, getting another 62%! The best part is this supposed expert we played against, who felt like she knew so much more than us and couldn’t say anything in a nice way, came in last.

Nothing makes me happier than when the rude person does not benefit from their poor behavior. I hope she learned her lesson with us and doesn’t try and cross me again. I’ve got her number.

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