So Glad We Live Here

This morning I was getting ready to host Mah Jongg and a few minutes before the game regularly starts there was a ring at my door bell. The Mah Jongg ladies don’t ring the door bell, they usually just come on in. I peered my head out from the kitchen to see who it was and I caught my plumber John leaving me a big bag of home grown okra.

I don’t know about where you live, but this is the only place I have ever lived where first,

I know my plumber and electrician by first name and they always come within a day of my calling them. Second, these guys stop by with gifts of food from their garden.

Then my friends showed up to play. One friend was talking about how she went to visit her sister and the only thing the women talked about were the brands of things people were wearing. Not here. You can show up in just bout anything and the only thing people will say is, “It is so good to see you.” No one cares what you a wearing.

Then another friend showed up to play and she had a bad reaction to a cortisone shot yesterday and was swollen. We were sorry for her discomfort, but no one cares if your hair is not done, you have a black eye or you haven’t put make up in weeks. We are happy to have you come play and enjoy the fellowship.

Then I stopped by the Harris Teeter and there were two elderly ladies trying to get from the handicapped parking space across the driving lanes into the store. There was a big sign truck parked right in front of the store blocking one of the two driving lanes. The old ladies could not see around the truck to see if there was on coming traffic. Two teenage boys came out of the store and saw what was going on and went out into the driving lane and stopped all the traffic so the old ladies could make it into the store safely.

It’s a good day in Durham and I think I will stay.

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