I’m Running Out Of Things to Clean

July here is boring. I don’t usually spend July at home. Normally I am on the road visiting friends or off somewhere other than here. This year I did my road trip in April so I could paint my kitchen in July. Since I was chopping at the bit to do that job I got it finished by July 14 leaving me the rest of the month with a fairly free calendar.

I have continued to use the month in the home improvement spirit which I started. After de- cluttering, cleaning and organizing the kitchen I moved on to the storage room. That did not take as long as I thought and I got that done. Then I did the linen closet, my bedroom, the gift closet. Today I deep cleaned the tile in my shower. It’s actually worse than that, I studied Pinterest to find the best homemade shower glass cleaner as well as the best homemade grout cleaner and made them.

Don’t get me wrong there are still places, (uuuhum, the attic) that could use attention. I don’t think Russ would mind if I reorganized his tools. But, quite frankly, I spent two weeks in the garage painting the kitchen cabinets and I am not thrilled about going back in the garage.

I have lived my whole life with a really big list of to-do’s. It was a reason to jump out of bed in the morning, so many things on the list. I worried if I watched an episode of hoarders that I was not making enough headway on clearing stuff out and I could suddenly have my house full of things in plastic bags piling up to the ceiling.

Now I have made significant progress. My list is so much shorter. I am worried that I am not going to have enough purpose without a long list. Don’t get me wrong, I still have things to do, like build a new fellowship hall at church, and play bridge and Mah Jongg, but I don’t get to check those things off a list. There is not that satisfaction of looking at an old envelope with a bunch of things all crossed through.

The highlight of my day today is that my plumbers came and installed a new disposal and cleaned out a sputtering shower head where a washer had given up the ghost. I probably could have done both those things myself, if I had known it was a washer, but I like my plumbers and Russ told me it was a valve problem. Thank goodness he was wrong.

I should be glad that things are in the right place, nice and neat. I have gone through a box of disposable rubber gloves this month as proof of my work, as if I need proof. I am just a little worried that if I ever actually finish that attic what I am going to do. Of course, that probably won’t ever actually happen, I can keep mopping the kitchen floor instead.

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