Bettered my Klutz Average

To say I am a klutz is being unkind to klutzes everywhere. I am way along the klutz spectrum. July has been my month of dirty jobs. Carter flew off to London and I have basically been in my house cleaning, painting, reorganizing, hauling, building anything and everything I can get my hands on. With two half day exceptions I have worn rubber gloves all day, everyday because what I have been doing is too disgusting not too.

Today is day 23 of my 8-5 dirty job life and is the first day I have had a work place accident. That is really a good average for me. Unfortunately, it was one that hurt like hell.

The job was defrosting and cleaning the garage freezer. This is a job I hate! It should be done twice as often as I do it, so putting it off is par for the course for me. The reason I hate it is that the freezer malfunctions all the time and ice builds up in the bottom of the freezer. This requires a chisel and a hair dryer to remove.

While I was getting out one of Russ’ many 1 million foot orange extension cords a WorkMate, work bench fell over on my foot. The thing weighs at least 30 pounds and I screamed so loud it made Shay cry two floors away.

At first I was just worried about a broken bone, but realized I had avoided that disaster. I went in the house, took double the amount of Aleve and put my foot up with an ice bag. Thankfully I stalled any major swelling. After half an hour of rest the supervisor in me told the worker bee in me to get back to work.

I was able to finish the freezer and I think I figured out how to capture the water that drips inside the freezer before it hits the bottom and creates an iceberg that could be used to combat global warming.

My foot was not so bad that I couldn’t spend three more hours going up and down the ladder so I finished cleaning out the glass cabinets. I officially have enough dinner plates to feed more friends and their significant others than I ever will have.

Shay kept making me take breaks to protect her during the many thunderstorms we had today. I was happy to accommodate and put my foot up. All in all I think going 23 days, up and down many ladders without more accidents is a record for me in the klutz department. I think I need to go do some sewing room work the next few days and take a break from rubber gloves. Thank goodness my foot accident was not my sewing machine foot.

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