Let Us Focus On Russian Interference

The Mueller testimony was painful to watch. I had played Mah Jongg this morning and taped the testimony. After my friends left I tried to watch it. Mueller sometimes appeared off his feet a bit. After watching a while it seemed that the huge room made it hard for him to know who was talking. On TV we had a split screen and could see the congressperson who was talking, but they did not make it easy for Muller. They should have had some light that would glow in front of the speaker so he could look at them and focus on the questions.

As is the way in our country today the questions were divided to either exonerate the President or condemn him. There was one major thing that both sides could agree on which was largely overlooked, that the Russians did interfere in our election. This was, is and will be the most important issue.

The question of Trump’s involvement with encouraging the Russians seems fairly straight forward. I don’t think he did that, but rather benefited from the Russian’s fear or dislike of Clinton. I think Trump wants to believe and for us to believe that he was elected fair and square so he doesn’t want to question the results or what part the Russians played too closely.

Did he do things that were wrong in regards to obstruction. Probably, but more out of ignorance of the law, or arrogance of the office. He thinks being President is more like being king, so “off with their heads” is more his mode of operandi.

It is time for legislators to ensure fairness in our elections, in every way. They should fear that the Russians can also sweep them out of office too. The Russians won our election, not that they put Trump there, but that they have us taking our eye off the ball by having us fighting each other. Please try and all be Americans and not Republicans and Democrats. Focus on the real enemy.

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