Come For A Drink

In my continuing job of redoing the kitchen I started cleaning out the glass fronted cabinets I did not paint. These hold my “good China and crystal” and some serving pieces. Since I did not encase the cabinets in plastic while I worked on the other side of the kitchen some dust migrated into the glass cabinets.

It was time to remove everything from those cabinets, access if I am keeping it and wash everything I want to keep. That was too big a job for one day, especially since I washed all the glasses by hand. So I got five shelves out of twelve done today and was wiped out. I will do the rest tomorrow.

Between reorganizing all our wine and liquor in the storage area and washing all these glasses I determined that I need to have more people over for drinks to use it all. If you are in the area and want a drink drop me a line. I may open a speakeasy.

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