Heat Related Cleaning

With a heat index way north of 100° today we opted to just stay home all day. Feeling a little guilty about missing church I did my own penance to make up for it, I cleaned something out. The attic remains the number one thing on my cleaning it list, but you can bet I was not going up there. If it is 100° outside it is 130° in the attic.

Instead I chose the second biggest thing on my clean out list, the storage room. The storage room in the back of my house is where the backside HVAC/furnace is and since it is half underground it is nice and cool. This is the place I store all my party equipment and large seasonal cooking items. Over the years many things have been put in the storage room which should have been given away then.

Today was the day to move them, reorganize and clean everything. It was quite satisfying and checked one more thing off the clean out list. Amazingly, it is still quite long. I looked at my glass front cabinets in the kitchen and realized I need to clean them out, but decided cleaning one major thing in a day is enough. Maybe tomorrow, it will still be hot then too.

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