The Blank Canvas Completed

Exactly two weeks! That is how long it took me to do away with my knotty pine kitchen cabinets and turn them in to my blank canvas. It all started because I hated my pulls almost more than I hated my cabinets. After years of looking I finally found a pull I didn’t mind with my stainless counters.

Now my kitchen is white, at least the cabinets. The floor is black and white tile. The walls, what little of there there is is a wheat color and that is going to change. Now that I have a blank canvas I get to find the right back splash which will be like the jewelry of this outfit. Once that is determined I will paint the little bit of wall that if left above the cabinets.

For now it is all clean white. Rehanging the doors took me all afternoon. I have a few dings to touch up and some sanding of where doors meet, but it all has to wait for a little more curing of the paint. I am happy with the cabinets, but am anxious to find the tile because I need color.

What I really need is a rest and to do a bunch of laundry. Since my paining was going on in the same space as my laundry I didn’t wash anything not wanting to add humidity to the already humid conditions.

In a kind of juxtaposition of finishing my kitchen, today was our farewell for our fellowship hall at church. We are tearing down the over 50 year old building to make way for a new and improved one. The congregation was invited to go write on the walls of building to pay tribute and say goodbye. I wrote in the kitchen, the place I spent the most time in the fellowship hall.

Hopefully in a year I will be able to cook in a greatly I proved church kitchen. I should know, I got to help design it as chair of the building committee. For now I am going to have to be satisfied with my brighter home kitchen. I will be, as soon as I finish it.

One Comment on “The Blank Canvas Completed”

  1. Kathi Eason says:

    Beautiful new Kitchen Dana! Good work!

    Kathi Eason 919-824-6100


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