Painting Was Easy

Now that my painting is over I am on the big search for the most important part of my kitchen, the back splash. All my most discerning friends have been chiming in with advice. Kelly suggested painted glass like she had in Vienna. Suzanne spent the better part of the day going through old house Beautifuls and sending me links to showrooms and tile manufacturers. I combed Pinterest and other internet sights.

Then I went to two tile showrooms. One in Durham and a better one in Raleigh. The Durham one did not have anything that spoke to me, but since I went there first I took three sample home and I was right, they didn’t speak to me more at home.

Since I had a Food Bank meeting in Raleigh I went to a tile show room I used when I redid my bathroom years ago. They happen to be on the same street as the old Food Bank headquarters and that was the only way I knew about them. When I walked in the door I was certain they were going to have something I loved.

I found the porcelain version of a cement tile I was considering. Online it looked like something I wanted. When I saw it in person it was wrong. Flat and dull. Not the sparkle I need in my flat white space. I looked around and saw somethings I liked, then I round the corner and found some things I loved. Textured, shinny, good colors.

My time was running short so I told the nice woman running the showroom I would call and make an appointment with a designer. This is getting serious now.

As luck wold have it my plumbers made a visit at my house today. They had okra and tomatoes for me. I asked them who was their favorite tile guy. Plumbers and tile go together. They gave me his name. I am going to call him to and discuss this small job with him before I go back and make a commitment to tile. I want to get all the right trims,boarders, corners and the such.

I am so thankful for all the advice and work on my friends part. Tile is something you r ally need to see in person. One step closer…

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