I tossed and turned all night with bad dreams of my streaky kitchen cabinet doors. I had sprayed them with the fourth coat of paint two days ago and they were drying in stripes of shinny and dull. That part was not in the dream, but in real life. I awoke early, just to get out of these horrible dreams and studied the Internet about possible remedies. Still in my night gown I went down to the garage and tried the magic eraser tip. It did nothing.

About this time Russ woke up and questioned me on what I was doing in the garage in my night gown. “I’m going to have to do another coat of paint, but I am going to roll it.” I got dressed and went back to Ace Hardware and purchased a new roller cover that was made for smooth surfaces. I was not about to let this project beat me.

It only took me a little more than an hour to roll the fronts of all the doors. At last I finally had achieved the look I wanted. Now more drying!

I retreated to the kitchen where I was just finishing up with the last few boxes of kitchen ware that needed to be sorted and put away. Finally all the kitchen items I am keeping were in a cabinet or a drawer and were neatly organized.

I turned to the dining room that had acted as my storage area and cleaned it, and I cleaned the kitchen. Finally everything was in its place, except for the doors. With everything in the cabinets in plain sight I gave Russ a tour of where things go from now on. I need to take photos inside the drawers so he has a reference.

Even though they appear dry I am giving the doors one more day to cure before reinstalling the hardware and rehanging them. Then voila! Now I need to clean out the storage room and go donate all the stuff I don’t want. Of course I haven even started on the back splash. Maybe Monday. This is what happens when you pull that thread.

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