So Close

Russ has been a really good sports about my destroying the kitchen. I have not cooked or even bought any food for the last two weeks. As I dismantled the whole kitchen I also took over the dining room to store everything so two rooms were out of commission. Then there was my unavailability. When I wasn’t working, I was sleeping and I was gross from dust of sanding something, I feel like I have sanded everything multiple times.

Today was the first day I only sanded brass hinges and not big cabinet doors. I made great progress putting most everything away. I have one big box of kitchen utensils I have to work on in the morning. Since I am claiming one drawer for knives and doing away with my big knife block I am losing that drawer which used to hold utensils. Now I will be down to two.

I should have no trouble weeding out spoons I never use and putting grill utensils down closer to the grill. It was easy to dispose of cookie sheets I have had since college and a spring form pan who had lost her spring. Why do I need two rolling pins? So far I have not seen a tandem rolling competition I want to enter.

I declared to Russ this morning that I thought I would be able to cook tomorrow. With that announcement Russ asked if he could take me out to dinner tonight to celebrate. I needed a good reason to get clean. So off to Acme we went to have the tomato plate. We stretched our dinner out over two hours which was the most time we have talked to each other since Carter left for London.

The best part of having this project completed will be that I will feed Russ and eat meals with him. Hooray for that.

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