No End In Sight

Three days ago I proclaimed the end was in sight. I never should have said that. I totally jinxed myself. Yesterday I looked at the cabinet doors that I had been letting cure in the garage and I decided they needed a third coat of paint, that is really the fourth coat if you count the primer. So I donned my disgusting painting clothes one more time and I sanded, vacuumed, tacked and sprayed all the doors one more time. The only good news is the previous three coats were dry. That took me all morning. I just looked at them five hours after finishing and they are still wet. I guess I am going to have to give them three days to cure.

My original time line of this job taking two weeks is coming true. I have only finished 1/4 of the hardware so I will need every bit of those three days to get that done. I might have moved faster on it if I would commit more than one card board box to use as my spray box, but honestly prepping the hardware for spray painting is my least favorite job of all the horrible jobs I am doing. Spreading it out is the only way I can endure it.

No worries that my kitchen has no no doors or drawers. After a morning of painting I finally got to work putting somethings back in the cabinets. I had throughly cleaning the insides of the boxes yesterday.

A big part of redoing the kitchen is my desire to reorganize my kitchen. Most everything has stayed in the place I first put things 25 years ago, when it was not as much stuff. Twenty-five years of collecting kitchen wares really added to an already professionally outfitted kitchen.

I want to only put things in the kitchen that actually get used regularly and the specialty stuff can move down to the storage space. Doing that weeding has still not been done. Instead today I reorganized all my spices and vinegars. That could have been a two week job in itself. Both have new homes that I hope will make seeing them easier. I also moved where I keep storage containers.

I put my daily dishes away in the same place they have always been since it is closest to the dishwasher. By then my back went into revolt so now I am in recovery on my bed. I figure I can rally in an hour and get back to work. My short term goal is for the doors to get dry enough that I can take my spray tent down and move a car back in the garage. I also need to clean my garage so I can get to my laundry station. Maybe this job will take three weeks. I have just thought of all the cleaning around the house that is needed after my neglect during the painting phase. Oh lord, what in the world made me think the end was in sight?

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