Sip and See All the Cuteness

I know I am of grandmother age when my younger friends become grandmothers, but I am not there yet. Perhaps because I am still paying college tuition, or that I didn’t make my mother a grandmother until I was 37. It is just going to be a while, or maybe never for me. Carter will do what she wants to do and I will just go along for the ride.

My friend Shelayne, mother of five grown children, who is younger than me, is a grand mother three times over. Tonight she had a little sip and see to meet her two newest grandsons. Her twin daughters Michelle and Natalie, both had boys just moths apart. It was the perfect thing for twins to do.

Tonight we met Cousins Perry and Seth, who are two lucky boys. They will most certainly grow up with a lot of love around them, especially from their beautiful grandmother Shelayne. The boys could not look more different even though their mothers look so much the same. Perry takes after his Cuban father’s side with a head full of dark hair and Seth looks like a bald Sutton, even though his father is Cuban also. Oh yeah, did I mention that the twins both married Cuban men.

The babies couldn’t have been cutter or better behaved with a gaggle of women holding them. Shelayne was not outdone by her daughter’s and had a new toy poodle puppy named Jasper who is only seven weeks old. I say they are a full house of cuteness over there at The Sutton’s. And grandmother Gigi is in heaven.

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