The Right Gift

Normally I look down upon surprise appliances as a birthday gift. Fine, if you ask for a vacuum, to be given one, as long as it is better than the one you might buy for yourself. For my birthday this year I asked for nothing, as this is my year of not consuming. Russ and Carter thought otherwise and surprised me with a Nest video door bell. It is an appliance of the sort, and one I did not ask for, but have been terrifically happy with it.

Besides giving me the doorbell, the best gift was that Russ and Carter installed it. If it weren’t for that gift, it probably would still be in the box. I once had a terrible man as a boss of mine. He had an automatic garage door opener on his side of the garage, but his wife had to open her garage door manually. When I went to their house for a dinner and discovered this I gave him hell. Later he told me he had given his wife a garage door opener for Christmas.

Around May that year I had to go back to their house for another company dinner. I asked his wife how her garage door opener was. She said it had not been installed yet. I asked my weasel of a boss what the story was on that and he said, “I am giving her the installation for her birthday in August.” I told her she should leave him.

Thankfully Russ is nothing like that old boss of mine. Today I especially appreciated my Nest. While I was in my hazmat suit spraying paint on my kitchen cabinet doors the doorbell rang. I was able to look at my Nest camera and see it was a solicitor who I didn’t want to talk with. I was able to tell the person that I was on a conference call and they left my front porch.

After working for eight hours a day for the last nine days I am hitting the wall of physical exhaustion. After working and getting cleaned up I had a church meeting and came home and flopped on my bed. The doorbell rang. I looked at the nest and it was the same solicitor from this morning. I just lay on the bed, too tired to move or even respond via audio. Watching the camera on my phone I saw she eventually went away. Nest saved that poor woman from what I might say to her.

Sometimes an appliance is just what you need. I am happy Russ and Carter don’t always follow the rules.

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