The Painting End is In Sight

I feel like my painting days are almost done. Today I sprayed the fronts of the doors and did one last touch up coat on the cabinets all before my friend Hannah showed up with lunch. Tomorrow will be my final coat on the front of the doors and then I go to work on the hardware. I am reusing the hinges, which have to to cleaned and sprayed and putting new pulls on the doors. I want the doors and drawers to cure for a few more days so the paint gets hard enough that I won’t mess it up when I reinstall them.

Now I am turning my attention to cleaning the insides of the cabinets and reorganizing all my stuff. It is amazing how much I store in my kitchen. What I am realizing is most of it does not get used that often. Because I would like a less cluttered look I am going to weed out all the speciality items and move them to my storage room. That means I have to clean that out and reorganize it. I’m just pulling that thread, fix one thing and then you have to fix all things.

I have also started my search for the right back splash. Since I really, really cook I need a tough back splash. I looked at some today and decided they were too precious. No marble that can’t stand up to having tomatoes splashed on it. I am open to suggestions.

I see that once the painting is done is just the beginning to all my future work. Right now I am looking forward to just being able to clean the house and do the laundry. Russ will probably be happy to get to put his car back in the garage. Right now I have to search for the perfect spice storage system. Maybe this project will be done by September.

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