Best Support System

Since everyday is the same for me I did not take into account that Russ would have a four day weekend with the Fourth of July holiday. Russ works all the time, so he never hardly has any weekend. Four days of not having to go into the office does not mean he is not working. That being said, my plan of redoing the kitchen over his four days off was probably not the best for him.

True to form, he has not complained one bit. In fact he turned into my best support system, not to do any painting, but to feed me and shop for me so I could keep my head down and keep working.

Everyday he makes my breakfast, the only meal we can possibly rustle up in the destroyed kitchen. I do clean it every night because I can’t stand to go to bed with a dirty kitchen, even if you can’t use it as a kitchen. This is helpful since Russ gets up at five in the morning and makes his own breakfast. He wouldn’t notice if the kitchen were dirty and I wouldn’t want to kill him with paint dust.

As a meal time approaches he asks what I would want. Apparently painting makes me not care a wit about what I am going to eat. Unfortunately it doesn’t make not want to eat, just that what I eat as sustenances keeps me working. So we have had grocery store sushi and sandwiches and salads. Nothing exciting, but I welcome his effort.

Today Russ provided a totally new and wonderful lunch. He had read about a Zambian restaurant that opened in the Oak Wood shopping center. We love African food of all types and when he asked me if I wanted Peri-peri chicken, I said of course. The place is called Zwelis and our chicken, vegetables and rice were fantastic. I will definitely be going back, or sending Russ back to try this place again. He said they had a papaya and avocado salad on the menu. Sounds like the perfect, “I’m only three days away from finishing the kitchen” food for dinner.

I know Russ will be glad when this job is done so I can go back to cooking. What I haven’t told him yet is the next project is the back splash in the kitchen. I haven’t even started to find the right tiles and it won’t tear up the whole kitchen, but it might take it out of commision another day.

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