I’m So Dirty

I could never be a pioneer woman. Going days in the dust and dirt without any running hot water would kill me. I need a good long shower everyday that I get dirty and I have been very dirty for the last week. Today, I was definitely my dirtiest, so dirty that I was able to rub my dirty skin off me.

The great kitchen cabinet painting project is going on day seven tomorrow. So far I have emptied the kitchen, taken all the doors off and removed all the hardware, cleaned every surface with Kurd Kutter, sanded every surface, vacuumed every surface, filled every unneeded hole, crack, dent or diver with wood filler, taped everything I didn’t want painted, sanded again, vacuumed, wiped with a tack cloth, spot primed all knots, sanded again, vacuumed, tacked, taken all the doors to the garage, primed the cabinets in the kitchen, primed the back of the doors, primed the front of the doors, sanded everything, vacuumed everything, tacked everything, and today I finally began painting.

I bought a spray gun and a painting tent. The tent came with instructions that said it took five minutes to set up. After thirty minutes I called Russ and he spent twenty minutes but got it set up for me. I am thankful I have it.

I got into my hazmat suit and sprayed the inside of the doors and the front of the drawers today with their first coat. The drying rack Russ and Carter built me is working great. That took half a day. While they were drying I sanded the cabinets and tacked them and then I brush painted the small parts and corners and rolled the big parts.

After all that I felt as if I was covered in a thick layer of grime. I had taken my hazmat suit off to paint the cabinets since it was a brush job and I didn’t want the flapping of my hazmat suit to get in the way. What I realize now is I should have worn my hazmat suit while I sanded because that is what made me the dirtiest, like a pioneer women driving a covered wagon across a dusty prairie dirty.

Thank goodness I have a shower. Just clean enough to sleep and then I get up and do it all again tomorrow. It will be like ground hog day because I have to spray the second coat on the back of the doors and drawers and then do the second coat on the cabinets. At least I think I have crossed the halfway mark. Only maybe six more days of being this dirty. Much less time than crossing America by wagon.

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