Deer, Deer, Everywhere

I have given up planting flowers and other deer dinner items in my yard. The deer population in my neighborhood has exploded. It used to be that a deer might have one foal a year, maybe two. In the past couple of year it seems as if there are foals year round, meaning mothers are birthing two to three times in any given year.

In the last few weeks I have seen a mother and a new baby in my yard a couple of times a day. The baby is as cute as she can be, but I am not looking forward to more and more deer. I thought it was strange that I was seeing the foal out the front window of my house and then out the back window at virtually the same time. Then yesterday while I was looking out my bathroom window I discovered the answer to my question, TRIPLETS.

The mother was standing up nursing two foals while the third stood aside about six feet away, no room at the dairy bar for her. Yes, those babies are cute, but are you kidding me three more deer at a time!!

I got to thinking about the mother. First of all, do deer know they are pregnant? If she did realize it after one baby came out did she realize there were others yet to be born? I can only imagine her surprise when the third one made its way into the world.

I can’t imagine I will ever have another flower at my house. If this mother has three at a time, three times a year we will be over run by next year.

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