Pie on the Fourth of July

For the last four days I have been mainly alone, working away as a painting contractor. Today I spent my eight hour shift in the dehumidified garage priming 37 drawers and doors. My only break was baking my peach pie for the fabulous Fourth of July party and pie contest we were going to at the Teer Farm.

I planned ahead for this party and made my pie five days ago and put the unbaked pie in the freezer so I only had to bake it today. I think the pie did better being baked directly from frozen, but I didn’t win the contest.

After priming and sanding all day I was an exhausted mess. I took a very satisfying shower and was so looking forward to leaving my house and seeing friends. Russ had a wonderful day being alone and although parties aren’t his favorite, he gladly went to Kristin and Paris’ because they throw one hell of a good party. Tonight’s did not disappoint. Russ loved the fried chicken, but I have to say the corn, peach and blueberry salad was my favorite.

After all the guests had eaten platter sized plates of ribs, chicken, green bean and potato salad along with the corn salad we gathered at the pie shed. Many guests had brought homemade pies and a few entered store bought in the “purchased category.” Kristin asked me to be the “celebrity” judge to determine the winner of the most creative pie. I am not sure how I qualified as a “celebrity,” but I took my job seriously. The top three winners were chosen by guest votes.

Kristin had a box of 3,000 tasting spoons and everyone circled the thirty foot table taking small spoonfuls of pie with a clean spoon at every pie. Each guest had six tickets to place in jars of their favorite pies. I had to chose multiple “most creatives” in case my number one choice won an audience favorite. No one could win twice because they were getting one of Kristin’s original trophies which are works of art like no other.

This year a child won with a summer berry pie. Angie Duty came in second with a chocolate pie and Amanda Ballew came in third for a salted Carmel apple pie. Cindy West won most creative with something called a calypso pie. Pie on the the Fourth of July is as good as it gets. Thanks to Kristin and Paris for getting me out of my house for a night of pure fun.

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