Nice Job Durham

My dad called me the other day to alert me to something he had read in the news, Durham, NC was ranked fourth by Wallet Hub in their survey of best run cities in America. Fourth out of 150! I asked my Dad what was last and he told me Washington, DC. Since I lived in Washington for ten years and made the decision to leave and come to Durham I am glad I moved in the right direction.

I went to Wallet Hub’s story about this study to see what the criteria were to judge the validity of the study. Wallet Hub wanted to judge the effectiveness of leadership in cities and I agree that is important. They determined six key categories: 1) Financial Stability, 2) Education, 3) Health, 4) Safety, 5) Economy and 6) Infrastructure & Pollution. They came up with 37 metrics and weighted each one. The things with the most weight were the Moody’s Credit rating of a city, the infant mortality rate and the average life expectancy. Lowest in the weighting categories were things like transit and access to the internet. Those are still important, just not as much as how long you live and if your city might go bankrupt.

Since the number one and three best run cities were in Idaho and the number two was in Utah I am unlikely to every move to those places, so I will just have to be satisfied with being number four. Considering we are a much more diverse city than Nampa, Boise or Provo I think speaks volumes for our city leaders. It is much easier to run a city when all the people are homogeneous. Running a city well when you a population that is 40% white, 38 % black, 13% Latino and 5% Asian, 4% others as Durham is harder. But that diversity is also one of the best things abut Durham.

When we first moved here one thing I noticed right away was the friendliness of natives to people who were not born here. That welcoming attitude has served Durham well.

So congratulations to Durham City Leaders past and present. It is nice to be recognized on a national level for doing what all citizen want their government to do, run things well, be efficient with our money and keep your heads down and work hard.

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