It’s All About the Prep

Yesterday I left Carter at the airport and was home by nine to start the “great kitchen painting project.” After months of study, watching You Tube videos, reading blogs, looking at Pinterest and buying supplies I started the clean out of the kitchen.

I am just painting the outside cabinets and the inside and outside of the doors. Experts differed on whether I needed to remove everything from the cabinets to do this project. I decided to err on the side of caution and remove every little thing. I figure it all will get very dusty and this gives me an opportunity to weed things out and perhaps change where things are stored.

It is amazing how much a kitchen can hold. I moved almost everything to the dining room which is a bigger than the kitchen and it overwhelmed the room. I can really pack a cabinet to the max.

In the last two days I have unloaded the kitchen, taken seven drawers and 27 cabinet doors off the boxes, removing all the hardware, cleaned every surface to be painted with a special treatment and begun the sanding process. I labeled all the doors and placed the hardware for each door in it’s own ziplock bag. Since I am changing the brass hardware to brushed nickel I have to boil the hardware in vinegar for 30 minutes and then scrape off all the junk. Since I have to keep the individual hardware with each door I could only do one door’s worth at a time. I am only half way through the hardware cleaning.

Working eight hours each day at this physical job is introducing me to muscles I did not know I have and have not exercised in years. I will sleep well tonight. I figure I have at least one more day of prep before a single drop of paint can me used.

After reading all that I have on the subject I am trying to do the most thorough job on prep since it is the key to longevity of my paint. At least I have been able to do all my work in the air conditioning. I am not looking forward to hot garage painting.

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