Farewell Susan

The first time I met Susan she was a senior at U Maryland. I can’t even think of how long ago that was. She thought I didn’t like her. She was wrong. Eventually she realized I was on her side and we became friends.

I was by her side when she first went into labor with her first son George. In fact I am credited with slowing down her labor because I was making her laugh too much. Who knew laughing did that?

We have lived through many parts of life together. Children, wives of working husbands, travel together. For many years we have lived in towns next to each other so we saw one another regularly, but were not always in exactly the same circles.

Today I went to have lunch with Susan as she waited for the moving van to come and take her furniture to Denver. She is setting out on a new adventure. I know she will be successful wherever she goes. It will not be the same to not have her in the next town, but our intertwined lives will keep us together somehow.

Susan, the one thing you can always count on me for is a good laugh. And to paraphrase Sally Field, “I like you, I really really like you.” Good luck, old friend. You always have a place here with me.

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