So Many Birthdays

Today Shay Shay turns eight. It is hard to remember what our family was like without her. She is definitely the princess and we are the ladies and gentleman in waiting for her. Carter took Shay to Pet Smart so she could pick out her own birthday treat. Carter reported that Shay looked all around the store and picked this ridiculous blue dog. Carter tried to entice her with other toys with more squeakers, she would have none of it. She tried to give her the pink version of the blue dog and absolutely not! She kept picking up the blue dog.

When Carter took the blue dog and Shay to the checkout, Carter told the lady it was her birthday. The clerk asked to give her a treat. Carter said, “You can try.” The lady asked Shay to sit and she did, then handed Shay the generic dog biscuit. Apparently she took it gently from the clerk and laid it on the floor at her paws. “No, thank you.” PRINCESS.

In a less princessy, but equally Royal scene, we had Christy’s needlepoint birthday today. Needlepoint Nancy came to join us, at Kathi’s. Our birthday celebrations are turning into critiques of lemon or lime desserts. Today we had a lemon cake Carter baked for Christy with some yummy berries and whipped cream from Karen.

It is the beginning of Christy’s birthday pageant month as her real birthday is not until Monday. It would be so much easier if Shay and Christy shared the same day. But I am not going to take Christy to pick out her own stuffed toy for her birthday.

My father’s birthday was last Friday. I was at my reunion and all my boarding school friends wanted to wish him a happy birthday. He was always very popular with the Walker’s girls. We called him Friday and he didn’t answer and his voice mail was full. I texted him, but did not hear back. We called Saturday morning, same scenario and again Saturday night. I still haven’t wished him a happy birthday, but not from lack of trying.

So happy birthday to Shay Shay, Christy and Dad.

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