Love At First Sight

I know I already reported on Shay’s birthday present stuffed dog, which she picked out for herself at Pet Smart, but the total adoration continues. She has had this blue dog two days and it has hardly left her side. I took these pictures all at different times.

She snuggles with it night and day.

It has squeakers in the ends of the paws and Shay has not done her usual precision undoing of a seam and removal of the plastic squeaker. Instead she has wrapped the animal around her snot and kissed it.

I have never seen her fall so totally I love with an inanimate object so quickly, but of course she did pick it out for herself.

I don’t feel like I am personifying her at all, just recognizing her own autonomy, likes and desires. I wonder what else she would chose for herself if we let her? I don’t think we should take her car shopping with us.

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