Old Girls

There is something special about relationships you make when you attend and all girls school. There is a deepness to your friendships and a shorthand of shared experiences even with acquaintances. After forty years apart it is comfortable to fall back into those patterns of fun-times and deep support.

This reunion was a blow out in terms of numbers of people who showed up, depth of conversations, laughs bellowed, kindnesses shared, dances done, songs sang, photos taken, memories relived and made.

Thanks to Miss Polcer for her hard work nudging so many to return. Kudos to Cathy Terry for coming in a wheel chair with two broken legs and a broken arm.

Big shout out to Karen Appel Brown for driving Cathy Terry and Mary Derbyshire. Thanks to Mary for teaching us how to walk.

Well done Kelly O’Leary for redecorating Beaver Brook Lobby and getting a plaque in the lobby to commemorate it.

Loved having Nancy Mack as my roommate again and always.

Thanks to Stori Stockwell for hosting me and driving me here and back to Boston and being a great friend.

Sarah Brand, whose laugh is always with me was rivaled by a Cynthia Reed. Sally Peck, wins furthest distance and was oh so beautiful. Thanks to the dinner gang, Lisa Danforth, Ellen Gerry, Karen O’Callahan, Dar Reiner, Lela Schaus, Ashley King, Mae Hurkert, Nila Hollfelder and last minute show up, Kemi Lickle.

Always good to see Angie Heughan and first time back at reunion Elizabeth McKee, Henrietta Cheng and Anne Haviland. Good job Dina Cathey and Bristol Voss for making it today.

While at Walkers my friends Kar, Anne, Nancy and I were known to each other as the shadows. Kar found a photo in the yearbook of the four of us taken at my parents house and we updated it to the fothy year later version. So glad we’re were all together again for the first time in so many years.

It was also wonderful to spend time with Kit O’Brien who was a freshman when were were seniors. We knew then that you would go far and heading up the board of trustees does not surprise us in the least. You go Girl, ‘cause Walker’s girls can do anything.

Love you all. Next reunion we need to have jointly with the classes of ‘77, ‘78, ‘79, ‘80 & ,’81.

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