Forty Years, Are You Kidding?

Forty years ago and forty one and forty two, on this very weekend, as a Ethel Walker student I remember seeing all these old women come back to school for their reunion. My friends and I would look at these preppy old women hugging and laughing having the time of their lives and wonder if we would ever be that old.

Fast forward and at least a third of my class returned to Ethel Walker school for our 40th reunion. Suddenly we are the old ladies laughing and hugging. But we are not old, we are still our youthful selves. This is a big turn out for a boarding school reunion. Friends came from California, Florida and North Carolina, oh that’s me.

Thanks to our class agent, Miss Polcer, we had many people come to the reunion who have never come before as well as the cohorts of friends who show up every five years. A huge group of friends rented a house and volunteered to have our class dinner at their house. It was so generous of them to bring enough food to feed the whole school three times over.

The best thing about a 40th reunion is how loving we are all with each other. People who hadn’t seen each other in all this time told stories, shared photos and caught up. Two of our teachers, Paul Davis and Warren Erickson also joined us at our dinner.

The funniest story came out when Ashley Smith, looked at Warren and said, “You taught Religion, right?” He nodded. “The first day of class you asked us which religion we were and I said, ‘prostitute.” The roar came from the whole crowd of reunion friends. Ashley continued, “You nicely told me the right thing.”

I can hardly wait to see all these friends in the light of day. More stories, more love.

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