Real Mah Jongg

My friend Deanna was the first one of our Mah Jongg group to try out an online game called Real Mah Jongg. She had read about it in the Facebook Group, “Mah Jongg. That’s It.” A couple of us downloaded the Real Mah Jongg app. It has a free two week trial and after that it costs $6.99 a month, which quite frankly is much too expensive.

The app is good. The game gives you a choice of which card to play with and it has the new 2019 card. I highly recommend trying it as a way to learn the new card. Two weeks of playing it online and you should be well versed.

It is not a game that is good for people who don’t already know how to play. You still need to learn the game the old fashioned way, like from me or some other live teacher. If you know how to play, but feel like you play slowly, you can set the speed of the game to slow, medium or fast speed. Try just playing against computer players so if you make a mistake no one will get mad at you. You still need your Mah Jongg Card in front of you to play.

Years ago the National Mah Jongg League came out with an online game. You only could play with live players. It had a chat function and it was just terrible. The people who played it at first were often rude and unpleasant to play with. I decided they had to play online because no real people would play with them.

I am happy that this Real Mah Jongg version has computer player options so you don’t have to subject yourself to bitter, mean players who have been kicked out of other games.

If I seem out of touch for the next week I am just taking advantage of my free Mah Jongg period. I won’t be paying $6.99 a month for it. I have plenty of other free games on my iPad and my real life friends to play Mah Jongg with. The friends are the best part of Mah Jongg.

2 Comments on “Real Mah Jongg”

  1. Jackie hill says:

    I cannot replace tiles when there is a joker on a players rack … how do you do that

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