Shay as Nurse

Russ came home last night from work with a temperature of over 101. He thought he had just been suffering allergies thanks to the pollen as thick as syrup this year, but apparently he was actually sick. Shay stayed by his side in the guest room refusing to leave him.

This morning I went to check on the two of them. Russ was still sick so Shay refused to leave the room. I wanted to take her out and feed her before I left the house, but there was no hearing of it. Her duties as nurse were much too important and she would not leave her post.

With Russ asleep and Shay guarding him I went off to the Nasher to attend one of Ruth Caccavale’s excellent guided tours of the current Pop Art exhibit. Ruth is the best docent and always teaches the most interesting information about the art and the history of the time. I was fairly ignorant about how big Pop art was in South and Central America.

I had lunch with Ruth and two other women from the tour and returned home to relieve Shay of her nursing duties. She would have none of it. Russ was still not well and she stayed by his side the whole day.

I guess I don’t need to feel guilty about leaving my sick husband since I was practically shooed off by the labradoodle medical team.

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