Explosion In Durham Today-

This morning while we were playing Mah Jongg Mary Lloyd got a text from her husband Kurt that there had been an explosion downtown. We all stopped the game and searched our phones to discover that the explosion was not at one of our favorite restaurants, the St. James, but around the corner. I know that block well because for about two years my Magazine, Durham Magazine had our office in that block.

As better photos came in it was clear that the explosion from a gas leak was in my very office, the old Studebaker show room. The store front had recently been a coffee shop called Kaffinated.

So far the news has reported one person was killed and 15 were injured in the explosion, which Kurt texted he could feel in his office by the ball park at least ten blocks away.

The years that Durham Magazine was located there were the only years I really spent time at the office, with my co-workers, Bri, Kevin, Matt, Lisa, Carl and Dan. It was a sweet office with the “Studebaker” logo in mosaic tile on the floor.

The Ingram’s Porsche museum is next door and I can only imagine that cars were hurt along with the people. Please pray for the injured and fire fighter’s as well as the family of the person who was killed.

I have lots of good memories of working in that building. Thankful that it no longer is the Durham Magazine space, but so sorry for those who occupied it today.

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