Can I Borrow?

Don’t ask me why because it’s a secret, but I need to borrow pair of cowboy boots for something the first weekend in May. As I am going to be out of town the two weeks before hand I figured I better get on this hunt now. If you or someone you know is willing to lend me a pair of boots size 10 1/2 -11 I would appreciate it. I would love to try them on before I leave, but don’t need them until that weekend.

I have a whole costume thing I need to create, which I can’t tell anyone and I don’t have a thing in my house that will suffice. The outfit is not something I can borrow and I am going to have to improvise. This is all within my capabilities except for the cowboy boots.

They won’t be worn more than half and hour, indoors. I can return them on the first Sundy in May. I appreciate any leads.

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