Bring Back House Dresses for Pollen Season

With all the pollen in the air today the second I went outside I was covered in a thin layer of yellow dust. It didn’t help that I was wearing a navy shirt and white jeans. After Needlepoint morning I was off to do errands and jobs around the house before a church committee meeting. While I was doing my work at home I was noticing how dusty my clothes were getting and I wasn’t even dusting.

It got me thinking of the photos of women of the fifties wearing “house dresses” as they did their chores at home. The usually brightly colored floral cotton dresses looked like just the thing to wear while cleaning. No dust or dirt would show on the intricate patterns and the dress was not expensive or hard to clean. Since the lady of the house would be home alone wearing these outfits it didn’t much matter how you looked, you could even have a kerchief over your hair in curlers in your house dress. Comfort was the key.

Now a days yoga pants are the house dress of the day. If you are not dressed up you are in yoga pants and no one expected that you have just come from or are going to yoga. The only problem with yoga pants as the uniform is that dust clings to them. Try sitting on a park bench today in black yoga pants. You will have a big ‘ole yellow butt. Yes, they are comfortable and thus makes doing house work or running errands easy in them.

The big difference between house dresses and yoga pants is you could put a house dress over another outfit if you are just looking to protect your clothes. You might even put a house dress over your yoga pants. Yoga pants are a stand alone outfit.

I am certain that since most people don’t clean the way women of the fifties did there is no need for specialized cleaning clothing, except during pollen season. The problem with pollen season is that you have to clean every few hours. Maybe I need to make myself a yellow house dress like the one in the photo. I think I will skip the pearls while cleaning.

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