It’s Yellow Season

Yesterday I cleaned the dark blue chair on the front porch. I carefully wiped every surface with a wet rag remover not every trace of dust and pollen. Russ went out for a walk with Shay after church and texted me back a photo of the clouds of pollen rolling down the golf course.

As I was cleaning the house today I walked out on the front porch to discover that all my hard work yesterday was for naught. The blue chair was back to being a yellow chair. Not only did I feel like all this cleaning was a waste of time, but I also knew that if I didn’t do it the fine yellow dust would stain everything I have.

I hate yellow season and I don’t even have allergies. Russ lives on Clairitan and even Shay sneezes and rubs the dust off her face. I don’t remember the pollen being this bad in Connecticut when I was a kid, but perhaps it just didn’t bother me because I didn’t clean anything.

Consider this a warning, right now in Durham if it isn’t raining you are going to get yellow outside. I am going to be doing nothing but cleaning until yellow season ends. Oh, and I won’t be sitting my my blue chair.

One Comment on “It’s Yellow Season”

  1. msvann says:

    It is an NC scourge. Happily for us, not so in TN. We get lots of rain but much less yellow. I miss a whole lot about Durham-fabulous people, easy parking, less traffic and frankly more liberals-but I don’t miss the pollen.

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