Back Up Team

Tonight is the Durham Academy Auction. Yes, I long ago aged out of working on the auction, but many of my friends have not. When my friend Morgan fell skiing on spring break she did a superior amount of damage to her knee precipitating an operation last week. Since Morgan is the floral designer for the auction she called in her trusted recruits to help her.

This morning a group of us arrived at the Washington Duke, where Morgan, who should have been in her wheel chair, instructed us on how to make the two different flower arrangements needed for the 38 tables. Once she gave us our loose instructions she went off to the tent to instruct the balloon assemblers.

Recreating Morgan’s vision was a big order to fill. I was thankful that there were many talented women to lean on. With the exception of one arrangement completely falling out of its vessel once it was on the the table, everything went fairly smoothly. I am just praying that no other giant elephant ears decided to jump ship before the auction starts.

One other beautiful flower installation that I did not work on was Stacey Burket’s flower wall out in the lobby. It was stunning. I hope that everyone who goes gets a photo in front of the wall.

Good luck tonight to all those who worked so hard to make this auction happen. I hope it raises lots of money and everyone has a good time. Certainly they will be wowed by the decorations.

One Comment on “Back Up Team”

  1. Sheppy Vann says:

    It looks gorgeous and it was such fun to see those folks I recognize. You presided over my last auction and sold two American Girl dolls for me!
    This reminded me that Morgan was in a cast the year she was a class mom-and her room mom partner was pregnant with twins!

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