Being Beautiful is Hard Work

Shay is no glamour puss. She cares little about beauty. She has not subscribed to any Kardashians’ instagrams and follows no beauty bloggers. When her groomer arrived today the shaking began. “Please don’t make me take a bath,” She shivered out is doggie Morse code. Too late, Georgiana was already here and setting up her table.

She gathered up Shay in her arms and marched her down to the bathtub with the hand held shower head that we installed to make Shay’s bath easier. Not long after a wet puppy wrapped in a giant blue on blue polka dot towel was carried up to her grooming table. “That wasn’t too bad,” I thought as they passed by me.

The hair dryer ran, the clippers whirled the scissors clicked and suddenly Shay was running up to my bedroom and jumping on the bed to show me her new do. Her face was trimmed. Her body was clipped to look and feel like velvet. She rubbed her face against mine and there was no shivering.

After Georgiana cleaned up she asked to take an “after” photo of Shay. Shay, would not leave my side to pose for a photo alone, fearing Georgiana might try and scoop her up for a second bath. I sat down on the steps and Shay proudly puffed up her chest and sat tall for her photo. Perhaps she is a little more interested in beauty than she thought.

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